We offer you sensors for Insitu measurement of the size distributions of Crystals, Particles, Aerosol and Droplets that allow a real-time control of your process.


With Black Sensor Systems you can save costly time and man power.

With Black Sensor Systems you get 24 hours fingerprint and size information out of your process based on low cost solutions.


After an alarm by our Black Sensor System you only have to take these samples to the Laboratory for detailed analysis. No constant loss of costly product due to laboratorial analysis

Instead of uneconomic use of labor to analyze all samples in the Laboratory the process is controlled right from the office desk.


No taking of samples. No dilution and tampering. No loss of time. Neither lose a batch nor batch volume itself.

You gain an optimization of the process and the purity of your product.

Our aim is to offer the most advanced Insitu Particle Size Distribution Control system that is currently available at the market and provide these to the most budget oriented price possible.

To offer you the most economical and budget orientated unit price you buy our products via cost-optimized marketing by needs of modern internet technology.

We therefore have designed this as a virtual online shop for the direct sale of our products without any middleman involved in the process.
Our costumers can create invoice on their won without the hassle of explaining the process in question to a sales person and avoiding any danger of spreading valuable process information to company outsiders in the process.

Therefore this website is designed to serve as a selfservice tool for our costumers to author their own invoice.

Our Insitu systems are designed to operate within the common range of temperature, pressure, concentration and flow speed of the majority of process engineering applications.